Ten-year-old Leionna creates a self-portrait in sculpture form articulating the biggest adjustment for her since the pandemic began. When she looks at her neighborhood she sees many people wearing masks and others who chose not to. According to the Center for Disease Control, mask-wearing along with maintaining physical distance from others in public spaces can significantly reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Leionna is doing her part to keep herself and her community healthy.     

"Leionna"  Papier-mâché Sculpture

Eleven-year-old Chrishyla's image below, "Stay Safe: COVID-19", is a reflection of a visit to the OTR Cincinnati Recreation Center during the pandemic. Chrishyla explains how she was not allowed to visit the Recreation Center that day due to confirmed cases of Coronavirus inside. Upon her arrival, she saw men in uniform that appeared to be apart of the National Guard warning those who passed by to remain safe. 

"Stay Safe: COVID-19"  Mixed Media on Paper 8.5x11

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