Asha White- Exhibit Curator/Visual Artist 
Asha White, former Gallery Coordinator of the Mohawk Gallery, is a visual artist and curator living in Cincinnati. Most recently Asha curated "Manifestations of Time - The African American Experience" at the Mohawk Gallery and was a lead artist for the Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Cincinnati. 

Noah Hawes- Outreach CoordinatorPhotographer

Noah Hawes is an aspiring rapper/producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He began writing, recording, and producing as a member at Elementz during high school. He now works full-time at Elementz, running both the Beats & Rhymes and Studio E programs.

Chenelle Jones- Outreach Coordinator/ Manager of Administration 

Chenelle joined the Elementz team in 2019 as the Manager of Administration.  She is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.  She has a passion for helping children reach their fullest potential by assisting them in building their self-esteem and creativity through dance and education. Chenelle is also the Coordinator and Communication Director of an independent dance crew known as (CA)^2. She has been performing hip hop dance and competing for 7 years.

Joc Phillips- Outreach Coordinator/ Photographer 

Joc Philips is an outreach coordinator for Elementz working to engaging the community by uplifting and helping  kids, teens, and young adults to build positively in their community.

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